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Brookmont Homes can help you at every stage of your home improvement project. Whether you are still looking for a lot and need help understanding the building and permitting process, or if you love your current location but need the extra space to accommodate a growing family, we can share our expertise and help you avoid costly mistakes before you undertake a new home construction or renovation project. 

Featured Projects
Project Awards
  • Poe Road, Bethesda Winner of 2016 Award of Merit – Design and Architecture, Custom or Customized Infill Home 3,000 – 5,000 sf 

  • Ridge Drive, Bethesda Winner of 2014 Custom Builder Award of Excellence Bronze Whole house renovation over 2,000 sf

  • Evers Drive, McLean Winner of 2018 Award of Merit - Design and Architecture Renovations or Additions 

  • Spencer Rd, McLean Winner of 2022 Award of Best Design and Architecture for Custom Homes

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