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Jeff. B., Attorney

It is a pleasure to recommend Brookmont Homes, and I do so with my strongest possible endorsement.
We own a mid-century modern home that was built in the 1950's, and we used Brookmont for two different renovation projects. For the first project, we sought bids from the local go-to contractors in our neighborhood, and we were surprised by the variation in the estimates. Without a doubt, Brookmont's estimate was the best because the owner took the time to ask us important questions about how we wanted to spend our money. In fact, he visited the house many times and always took careful notes. In contrast, the other contractors showed up once, walked around for about 20 minutes and then submitted estimates that were overpriced and off the mark. When it came time for the second renovation project, we didn't even bother to call anyone else because we knew that we could count on Brookmont.


Once the actual renovations began, Brookmont's contractors did excellent work. They even cleaned up at the end of each day! We were amazed by the quality of work and attention to the smallest details. That is what sets Brookmont apart -- their level of professionalism and dedication to doing things right is truly extraordinary. Brookmont does not cut corners.


Even when we explored making changes to our original plan, Brookmont took the extra time to do the research and provide revised estimates. Furthermore, they did so in a transparent and honest way, which is what makes dealing with them such a pleasure. We have hired other contractors to work on our house, and we have never been as satisfied with the work as are with Brookmont. Based on our experience, Brookmont is simply the best. We are saving our money for the next project and can't wait for them to get started.

Betty. S., Attorney

Brookmont Homes anticipated every issue that might arise during construction from the earliest meetings. I have a new appreciation for the importance of managing the construction process. Brookmont Homes treats your money like it was their money. They carefully select all the subcontractors, and leave nothing to chance.
If something can go wrong (weather, delivery delays, etc.) they anticipate it and have several contingencies in place before it can become an issue. Brookmont Homes will work closely with you and your architect to make sure your money is well-spent. The owners take pride in their work and pay attention to even the closest detail. Brookmont Homes delivered our home on time and on schedule and the quality is fantastic.

Sandra R.

After 35 years of home ownership and work with 4 different contractors (3 additions, 1 renovation) along the way, my husband and I can say without reservation that our experience with Brookmont Homes shone brightest--in every way. The owner's expertise, his upbeat, problem-solving approach to any difficulties that arise and the complete integrity that informs all his dealings make working with him a wonderful experience at every step.

The project Brookmont Homes took on for us involved remedying a bad architectural design that had allowed water to dribble down the wood siding, thus rotting things out. We had replaced windows and siding the year before, but now needed to pull a somewhat complicated triangle of roof forward to prevent a repeat disaster. In addition, the entire roof needed replacing, long neglected cedar siding needed cleaning, the rest of the house needed painting, two custom-made replacement doors were needed and some complicated electrical problems urgently needed attention. I know from experience that no contractor sees this sort of hodgepodge as a dream job. Too many unknowns can crop up. Brookmont Homes, however, took it all on with energy and dispatch, and we breathed huge sighs of relief as we realized that we--and our house!--were in truly good hands.

The owner goes the extra mile on everything he does. An example: In the back corner of a closet we had long had seepage which no one had been able to diagnose. They figured out that it came from water flowing against the base of the chimney and eating a hole in it. Not only did they seal the concrete, but they also installed a cricket (inverted V) behind the chimney to divert water to the side and prevent renewed damage. They charged us nothing extra for this. They just wanted to make sure things were done right. This is typical of all they do.

I find Brookmont Homes combines the virtues of a small contractor and the large in ideal ways. Like the small contractor they are totally hands-on, overseeing all aspects of the work daily, but like the large they can bring in a substantial crew to get things done quickly. We were replacing our (extensive, very complicated) roof in January, not a time when you can let the work drag on. Brookmont Homes brought in a crew of 10 and stripped, repaired and replaced the roof in a day and a half. A large crew of painters worked straight through a sunny Sunday to make sure the job got done. All the roofers, carpenters, painters etc. that Brookmont Homes had on the job were terrific, pleasant to have around (no small matter) and clearly enjoyed working with Brookmont Homes. Anybody would. I could not recommend them more highly.


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